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White Musk

White Musk

Brand: Alyssa Ashley


Gender: Uniseks

Volume: 100 ml EDT

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Alyssa Ashley White Musk is a perfume, which associates modernity, elegance and sensuality.

The top notes are fresh and foaming. The sparkle of tarragon EO fusing with the freshness of fruity notes, giving the fragrance its modern character. A heart of flowers, very elegant, is a blend of delicate and refined Jasmine, precious rose, sophisticate ylang ylang . The lasting note is of course MUSK, blended with patchouli Essential Oils and woody notes creating a sensual but discreet aura.

White Musk was launched in 2000.

  • Brands: Alyssa Ashley
  • Gender: Woman
  • Kekuatan Aroma: Eau de Toilette - EDT
  • Kemasan: Product
  • Volume: 100 ml

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